Washington Monument Fireworks

This picture shows the Washington Monument with fireworks in the background.  In front of the monument is the reflecting pool.  The sides are purple because of the fireworks colors.  On the sides of the pool are green bushes and grass.  The medium I used was oil pastels.  Oil pastels help with the darkness of the colors.  The sky was shaded really lightly and I had to scrape off the black to put in the fireworks.  This picture was made by me and I hope you like it!

Washington Monument Fireworks


Mermaid in the water

This picture has a mermaid on it.  The circle underneath her is a rock( I am not good with shadows.)  The birds in the background are meant to even out the picture.  It has a sunset and stars in the background.  The mermaid has a braid going down her back.  The girl on the beach is watching the mermaid while trying to hide.  This picture was made by me and I hope you like it!image

Sunset bird

This picture is of a bird about to go to sleep.  There is grass and tulips on the bottom but it got cut off.  Inside the hole in the trunk is a red squirrel.  The sunset is my main part. I really like the sunset’s colors.  The bird is silver and gold. The grass at the bottom is light green, dark green, and brown.  The medium I used is colored pencils. I hope you guys like it!image